Brach’s® Crushed Peppermint White Chocolate Pretzels

  • BRACH’S® Peppermint Crushed Candy Canes or BRACH’S® Star Brite® Peppermints (crushed into small pieces)
  • white chocolate
  • pretzel rods
Brach's Product
  1. Melt chocolate according to directions, either in a double boiler or microwave.
  2. Dip pretzel rods into the white chocolate, covering about ¾ of the pretzel.
  3. Tap the pretzel against the side to remove the extra white chocolate.
  4. Roll the pretzel in the BRACH’S® Peppermint Crushed Candy Canes, covering as much as possible.
  5. Lay on a tray covered with waxed paper/parchment. You can also sprinkle extra BRACH’S® Peppermint Crushed Candy Canes on at this time to make sure they are well covered.
  6. Allow to cool until the chocolate is hard.
  7. Serve!