Desserts of the World

Desserts of the World Jelly Beans

Excite your taste buds with a new unique flavor journey from Brach's! Brach's Desserts of the World Tiny Jelly Beans introduces your palate to an international combination of flavors. Flavors include: Chocolate Macaron, Strawberry Mochi, Lemon Sorbet, Apple Pie, and Churro. Each bite delivers an original flavorful punch in jelly bean form. Use these bags of candy to fill eggs for hunts or baskets or to add a touch of color to your springtime decorations and celebrations. You can also use these festive jelly beans to add a twist to your Easter-themed cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and confections. You can’t go wrong when you share this treat with your family, friends, and everyone you love to make everyone’s Easter celebration that much sweeter.


Tiny Jelly Bird Egg Short Cake Trifle


BRACH’S® Tiny Jelly Bird Egg Pancakes

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