How to Host the Perfect Girls’ Night In from Home Entertaining Expert Melissa Johnson

Raise your hand if you’re in need of a fun girls’ night?! I LOVE having a group of my best girlfriends over for a night in. Who’s with me?! Some of my favorite gatherings I’ve been to are a simple girls’ night in at home. It’s such a great way to get together, relax with friends, enjoy amazing snacks, and maybe watch a Lifetime movie or two! ;)

As a busy mom, I love being able to have these gatherings so I can have a little me time. Most of my friends are moms too, which makes getting together that much more special. And with the little time we have, putting together a stress-free evening is so important!

Sometimes prepping for a gathering like this can be so overwhelming. Have you stressed over pulling off the food spread for entertaining before? You want something amazing, but you don’t want to (or can’t) spend a bunch of time on it! That’s where this cheese platter comes in, and we’re so excited to give you a quick guide on how to put it all together!

You seriously cannot go wrong with a cheese platter in any season – it’s a true show-stopper! And with the right selections, it can be so easy to put one together. All you will need to put this together for your girls’ night, or any other gathering, is a variety of cheeses, crackers, fruits, olives, and don’t forget the chocolate! ;) For the cheese, I love using Gouda, Brie, Manchego, Blue Cheese, and Garlic Jack Cheese. But you can use any cheese you love.

Setting up the cheese platters is SUPER easy and totally makes for no pressure entertaining! Just put the cheese blocks on the board and put other snacks such as fruits and chocolates all around the blocks and it is all set! I love incorporating BRACH’S Milk Chocolate Raisins, BRACH’S Almond Supremes, BRACH’S Double Dipped Peanuts, and BRACH’S Double Dipped Hazelnuts to the mix. It gives the platter such a sweet, fun addition. Not only are the cheese platters easy, but they look so impressive when everything is all laid out!

With a cheese platter, I recommend serving wine as a beverage option. If you’re looking for a few fun wine pairings for your girls’ night, this should do the trick! Pairing the buttery notes of a Chardonnay is perfect with the rich, woody notes found in BRACH’S Double Dipped Hazelnuts. If you’re more of a champagne girl, try pairing BRACH’S Almond Supremes with bubbly! The effervescence works to cut through the denseness of the almonds. More of a Pinot Noir fan? Grab that red and try it with BRACH’S Double Dipped Peanuts. Seriously, the richness of the peanuts is so good with the warm spice tones of the Pinot. Or, if you like more of a sweeter wine or a dessert wine, go with a Riesling. Pairing a sweet wine with BRACH’S Milk Chocolate Raisins is so good together. All of these wines have the ability to bring out the flavors of the chocolates and cheeses on your platter!

To build your own cheese board with BRACH’S chocolates, check out my video here, and find retailers near you, and check out my video about how to build a cheese board.

Brach's Wine Pairing

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