Brach's Raspberry Candy Canes

Treat yourself to Brach's® Santa's Choice Raspberry Candy Canes. These pink and purple, razzle-dazzle raspberry, really-tasty canes are delicious for snacking as well as a can't miss confection for every holiday event imaginable. Don't forget to sneak a few for yourself.


Available in 6 oz. cartons 

Calories 50 Fat 0g Sat. Fat 0g Sodium 10mg Sugars 9g

(Based on a serving size of 1 pieces)


Sugar, Corn Syrup, Salt, Confectioner's Glaze (Shellac), Gelatin, Sesame Oil, Honey, Dextrose, Artificial Flavor, Yellow 6, Red 3, Yellow 5, Blue 1.

This product was manufactured in a facility where milk, eggs, almonds, coconut, peanuts and soy are used in the production of other products.